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On this site will often be of the traditional division of roles mentioned. Accordingly, the mothers - at least in the early years - more for the child, the fathers more responsible for earning money. This is not to say that this is the best way. Rather, it simply has to do with the fact that most people live like this. This shows in the fact that there are more than 90 percent of the women who go into "parental leave" and the baby to stay.

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All the best for your baby and of course for you!

The birth of the first baby brings a lot of changes and new requirements with them. Bullet, how families can deal with it, there is not, however. What can be said in any case: is it good to parents, the children are generally going well.

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That's beautiful, and happy is mostly a baby to have, we want to assume. Therefore, we have this site on the more difficult and stressful part of the family foundation focused on. If some of the problems described below do not have, the better! Then are you really good.

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There is so much talk of problems, because there is a tacit agreement in our society that parents following the birth of her child (Baby) have to be particularly happy. As his family a stronghold of unadulterated joy and harmony must. Physical or mental problems are not envisaged. Also uncertainty and excessive demands, anger, strife, and disappointment are not the ideal of "Happy Family".

Informations about All Kids Count

Our ideas and background information is certainly not the last word. They should offer to mothers and fathers to be one, to get into conversation with each other. Families do not need everything, "always do right." Who wants to always do everything right, did not feel that is rare, again have it all wrong done.

And so no one is served! should there be problems sometimes it is a useful family therapy to make. If you follow the link to get to my site for family therapy.

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